What people are saying about Timothy

Timothy has been a great asset to the projects we’ve worked on together. I have found his speaking skills exceptional, his attention to detail solid, and his attitude to be “positive” and “can do,” as well.

He has an amazing “customer service” orientation that is beneficial to service within the philanthropic community.
— Jody Klescewski, International Sales Manager at Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation
I have arranged for Timothy to speak twice to groups I was involved with and have heard him speak on several other occasions. His life story is amazing and compelling. He delivers his message of faith and love with an informal, yet powerful, style and approach. His gentle, thoughtful presence is a sharp contrast to the shocking, painful experiences of his past; he is a living example of the power of human redemption. People who have heard Timothy speak tell me how he changed their lives . . . I know that he changed mine.
— Fred Hundt, Canvas Health, Centaur Companies. Previous HEART Inc., Strategic Fundraising, Twin Cities Public Television
Timothy is perhaps the most humble, gracious man that I’ve ever met. No one else has impressed me as much as he has simply because he exudes (bleeds really) humility and graciousness.
— Daniel D. Maurer, Nationally-Acclaimed Recovery Speaker and Published Author
“I was aware of Timothy long before I went to listen to him speak. I was afraid time had subtly changed him into a smooth, overly polished speaker at the expense of the authenticity of his personal journey. Not so! He continues to be able to connect with the original gut-wrenching reality of his fall and subsequent transformation.” Julie B. Olson