My Life Purpose?

Love & Service.  People need loving the most when they 'DESERVE' it the least.  Every good thing in my life is a direct or indirect result of love & SERVICE.  Helping redirect perception toward the light of gratitude changes everything.  Love is my religion; action is my gospell.  

 Timothy Cameron, Nationally Recognized Speaker and Writer
 Timothy Cameron

God is Love.  My passion is to love God and others as I love myself. It's no easy task to love & forgive oneself when you've made the choices I have made. I've learned that what we do for ourselves is transitory.  What we do for others is eternal.  The mistakes of our friends we write in water, but their virtues, we carve in granite.  No matter how far down the scale we may have gone in life, we can use the experience to help others.  It has made my life worth living to hear people say I've changed or 'saved' their life.  Personally, I think they saved their own life by freeing themselves of the self-imposed prison of unforgiveness.  I was just there to see it happen.

let the phoenix rise again.