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Never Give Up

There is always more truth in a question than there is in an answer.


Sometimes the answer IS the mystery.

I've heard the door to hell is opened only from the inside. The Dark Night & the Ray of Darkness (hallway to or from hell) brings us to complete and utter trust. There is nothing to hold on to but love.

For me, God is Love.

Human reason never goes far enough. Either my words sound like gibberish or you have been there/done that.

Every breakthrough is another layer of grey leading to more darkness until we arrive at complete love/trust. Love & trust within reason is useless for the deeper journeys of life. There is always more truth in a question than there is in an answer.

But we stick together and help one another (love one another) as we are able. Sometimes we go through tough times so we can help someone else who will go through it some day.

That's SOMETHING I HAVE learned about not giving up.


Decisions Determine Destiny


A friend of mine got me to thinking and here’s where it went:

Both ‘refusing to choose’ & failing to ‘accept life on life's terms’ yields to an illusion called Fate. Happiness is a choice, indeed, if we are to believe Abraham Lincoln who said, “A man is as happy as he makes up his mind to be.” Yet, we walk with the enemy, and the enemy is us. To quit walking with the enemy is to ‘Let Go & Let God’ (as I understand Her). It seems so many of us spend soooo much time thinking about things we don't want or don't like, the outcome of which leads us to get more of what we don’t want or like. We can focus on the problem or offer a solution. When we push on a problem, the muscles used to push get stronger and the problem often gets fortified. Here’s an example of that: When someone is upset, we tell them to “calm down”. It usually has the opposite effect to what we wanted. Maybe our best defense is defenselessness. The Higher Practicality that "...we quit fighting everything and everybody..." is evidence of a spiritual awakening.

Most of the corners we paint ourselves into are synthetic, self-induced drama. I’ve learned through the years that I am 99% of my own problem in life, and the other 1%? I just failed to identify how my perception sees anything other than a teacher pointing the way to a better path, a hard-push to the light, perhaps.

During a clear night, adjusting one's sails to match the changes in life, is to not lose sight of the Northern Star, and is a simple task in grand weather. But during a storm, not so much the case. But we have a Compass. No matter where you go, in life or death, there you are. Even if it kills us, it makes us stronger. Nietzsche knows this ... now.

Funny how Nietzsche didn’t see that there is always more power in a room full of people than the sum total of people therein. The Hermit of Genius was Nietzsche, even in a crowd. But he loved horses, so he wasn’t entirely cynical.

So if an irritating idea is in your head and it ain’t paying rent, evict it. Yet if you still feel the need to use the ‘Blamethrower” and you don’t like something I said, take it up with God. God is the only reason I am alive. Blame God. Me, I’m too stupid to be unhappy for very long. Say what you mean, mean what you say, but don’t say it mean.

You got this.


Library of Tombstones


Seeking wisdom, I have visited cemeteries to read the tombstones and to let them read into me a wisdom deeper than all fear or judgment, looking for what few words people have chosen to describe on a small slate of granite the entirety of a loved one's life.

In one cemetery, I found a monument to honor release. They said the faults of our loved ones we write in sand or water, but their virtues, we carve in granite. Beneath the Confucius of confusion, deeper than species, more buried than the conscious collective love of college or religion, is where our favorite books, poems, and music are born and later, buried.

Countless rivulets of thought desperately work their way toward the veil of Mecca, dancing their grief filled dervish, ready to celebrate the dutiful demise of every thought that beautifully dies for the birth of a book beyond words.

List the books, people, animals and places that you love, pull three sentences that you love most from each, then introduce them to each other like long-lost friends who kill each other. See which ideas survive to make the inner eye connect to your heart's reason for living, then distil it. The "Brilliant Nausea" that is God will yield its Massless Black Hole of Imagination, will crush the breath from the dead to resurrect it.

From the other side of here is nothing but a few words to describe the entirety of your life. Pick them wisely.

Write them in granite like forgiveness and remember the pain no more.