SACRED SOIL: Personal Teachability Indexes & the Messages Therefrom

Life feeds us everything we need to grow, but the best nutrition sometimes comes from the forest that burned down and settles into our topsoil. Our roots are deeper than the trauma. Forgiveness is always more powerful than the events that require its presence.

In another Sacred Metaphor, OUR ‘life’ or lives is/are like the Sequoia Forrest; our strength rests in the roots that protects our ‘trees’. Storms can't blow down the trees because they stand together intertwined from below.

For me, this is what WE are like through Sacred Connections, Divine Appointments or Meetings where we learn to hear the Sacred Synchronicity of Our Path/s. Surrendering our lives to our Creator as we understand our Creator frees our limited thinking. Resigning as our own teacher is often very useful. It can be the only connection between teachability and learning a new curriculum, or being stuck in what we think we know about life.

When times are tough, focus on our love roots until you get your strength back. Your roots might be the life-sustaining ‘intertwining support’ that someone else needs, even when you or they least expect it or are conscious of it.

People loved me until I could love myself, despite all of the dreadful memories, betrayals, etc.