Pray Like You're Crazy!

While kayaking recently, my Partner saw a large bird in a tree on a distant shore. As we paddled toward it, I said a mini-prayer that we would be able to get close enough to connect with the bird and maybe get some photographs. As we neared the shore, the bird was a hawk and launched from its perch, let out a cry, and circled slowly in a nice circle immediately above and around us. I had the distinct feeling this treasure of a bird was strutting its stuff, showing off, if you will. I was sure of it and expressed thanks to the bird after capturing a couple of photographs. It returned to its perch and we went on our way, all happy and stuff.

This leads me to the next idea and why I am posting this particular Blog. I feel like we need to pray like crazy and ask God to strut God’s stuff in our lives. God doesn’t understand fear (fear is not of God) and will not support it, even though God’s love is unconditional. During the worst of times in my life after receiving the Holy Spirit in prison, God never bailed on me when I was screwing up. God spanked me a few times, maybe, but always because of Love, like the time when God asked me, “Why have their prayers come before me because of YOU?” I didn’t think what I was doing was wrong, but learned after that not to do it again.

Truth be known, if you’re praying right, it’ll look wrong on the outside. While ritual prayers might have their place on Earth School, the prayers in my life that have been most often answered were after saying, “If you’re real, please help me.”, and “Thy will be done.” I asked for wisdom and got it, but the obtaining thereof was not entirely a dance through Elysian Fields. The rest of the time when prayer manifested change, it seems was when the crazy prayers of others on my behalf. “Crazy” to me, because while I believed in miracles, I didn’t think or believe they would come through the people they came through.

While many people might disagree, I think even a truly serious thought of an Atheist can be a prayer of sorts. Remember, God hears the heart, not the consonants and vowels of a reasonable mind.

Remember the quote about someone dancing and looking crazy, but only appearing crazy to those who can’t hear the music? THAT CRAZY! Pray like you’re crazy!

The music is your Interior Castle, Heaven’s Vault, with the gates wide open to all who might enter.