Restorative Love & Justice

It's sad how people forget their humanity. No one has a right to be an obstacle to someone healing and getting better. It takes an extraordinary mind to objectively consider both sides of every issue. That's what effective judges do, even when politics and backlash 'demand' a different determination. Truth without compassion is cruelty. When people feel loved, they don't hurt other people. We have a set range of consequences in place legally and if those seem unfair or inadequate, reach out to legislators and start showing up at the capitol for hearings when you can. But first, cleanse yourself of bitterness and self-justified rage. That's where so many criminals started their downward spiral. Catch the problem before it grows too big to heal and spiritual and emotional cancer takes over, short of chemo and radiation (metaphorical).

If we fail to help offenders because we are angry, then they will recommit and we will have MORE victims. If you don’t care about offenders, you effectively don’t care about victims. Making our wounds our wisdom is a motto we should all aspire to.

Following is the report online that I read and the number of people who talked about ‘sob stories’ and ‘poor me’ (poor them) stuff, laughing at the idea of someone coming from oppressive and broken backgrounds, etc., are committing the ground from which crime continues to flourish. I had people and society ingrain the idea into my consciousness that I will never be loved, never be lovable, that I’m just a ‘piece of shit’ (like people we saying online about the offender in point who is obviously depressed, IMO). When we create a climate of hatred for offenders or even worse, a climate of indifference for human suffering, it makes maltreatment, even criminal maltreatment, ‘justified. That’s when people cross the line and themselves become criminals. There’s a better way than anger to deal with our societal issues. Treatment over incarceration or treatment WHILE incarcerated is an option. We need to burn it into the consciousness of every human being that we can all get well, regardless of everyone and everything.

Anyway, here’s what they said (bold script is mine):

“During the evening hours of March 5, 2019, Maplewood Police responded to a report of a theft from vehicle at a business. Police received a description of the suspect and later worked with the victim of the theft to “Ping” one of the stolen electronic devices. The device was found to be in White Bear Lake and Maplewood Police Department officers worked with White Bear Lake PD, who helped identify at a prolific offender, who also had numerous arrest warrants, at an address. MPD Officers and Detectives drafted a search warrant for an address, and with the assistance of White Bear Lake PD and the Ramsey County Sheriff’s Office executed the warrant and found several items stolen from the vehicle inside the address. The suspect was taken into custody for the theft and numerous felony warrants, mostly related to theft, fraud, and criminal damage to property. The suspect, Thomas Gear, is pictured below [in my Blog, he’s the cover photo]. This is a great example of police agencies working together, and with citizens, to investigate incidents and ensure that those committing crimes are held accountable.”

But who is holding the system accountable for healing criminal and perpetuating crime through a lack of love and forgiveness?

I have cops who I call friends in the Maplewood Police Department.. I respect and am indebted to them and their work. My Blog is not anti-law enforcement. I just want to put to rest that idea if it crossed your mind. Thanks for reading this Blog.