People are as excited as they allow themselves to be. No one else is in charge of (y)our orgasms, and taking responsibility for this is not to take matters into one's own hand or finger (which is OK to do, BTW). If we clear our blocks to happiness, then the impulse to feel frustrated at not feeling free with someone else is no longer 'their' fault.

I feel no insane drive to attend a Separation Consciousness Movement, nor does it cross my mind to request colleges to change the name of Sociology classes to Victimology or Blameology. Hanging up the blamethrower and abandoning victim mentalities would bring us together, but it would also ruin Sartre's contention that "Hell is other people."

Human faculties are adaptive, so much so that they might even be thought of as miraculous, to humans, only. Friends, "our" animals never applaud or judge our egos. "Our" is ego, but they let us think what we will because they don't condemn or approve of us for being less intelligent than they are.

When Nietzsche hugged the horse, he won big kudos to anyone with a heart, and the last drawing he made was of a woman whom he loved. A disease killed him (not the horse, which may have been a mare), and he became stronger as a result. I'm not sure whatever happened to the horse, actually, but I don't get any more lost in the details of the horse's life or gender than I do in the politicized advent of feminism or masculinism.

The Door to Hell is Opened ONLY from the Inside (CS Lewis). When perception becomes slavery, I don't become a runaway slave, I instead hug the perception before it becomes an 'attitude' and ALLOW the love to flourish, instead of anger. I feel, therefore, I think I am.

To say opinion and spirituality have no basis in biology is to randomize death and life into a scientific equation which itself is an opinion courting contemporaneous contraception. Militant feminists depict and embody the Dark Feminine, and the Divine Feminist welcomes the Divine Masculine to share power with mutual respect rather than ranting about the Dark Masculine.

Everything we experience can be a Messenger giving us a hard push toward the heart of reason, or in other words, it can be another excellent opportunity for spiritual growth or enlightenment.

Naked admiration of our so-called vulnerabilities helps us rise above anger. The reason I like ee cummings poetry is that Cummings, like Rumi, chose to embrace the bliss of surrender.

Here's a poem that changed my life, titled, "Since Feeling is First":

since feeling is first

who pays any attention

to the syntax of things

will never wholly kiss you;

wholly to be a fool

while Spring is in the world

my blood approves

and kisses are a better fate

than wisdom

lady i swear by all flowers. Don’t cry

—the best gesture of my brain is less than

your eyelids’ flutter which says

we are for each other:

then laugh, leaning back in my arms

for life’s not a paragraph

and death i think is no parenthesis