The Illusion of Prison and Free Speech

After reading several articles on “Vice” (see link at the bottom of this post) about freedom of speech being under attack (a woman was fired from professorship for including a video in her class of Jordan Peterson arguing about “Trans” gender-neutral rhetoric in the public domain). Consider this another ‘wake-up call’ among many in our cultures. Me, I’ll call anyone anything they wish to be called privately, but in the public domain, I hope everyone gets to say what they think, even when I disagree with it. I see no reason to apologize for being a Libertarian.

Here’s the Rub: Maybe the internet allows the illusion of freedom of speech, or it's really starting to be a reality. "Everyone I don't like is Hitler" has worked historically in shutting down open and free debate. But that ship's running aground. With people with Ben Shapiro wearing his armor (Yamaka) in discussions and Jordan Peterson's focused objectivity amid vitriolic attacks, serves the greater good.

Sure, Vice is not fair and balanced in their headlines, but if they or anyone offers the roots of any given argument, a patient, critical reader will be satisfied. Admiration of the flower of an argument without inspecting its roots is somewhat childish. There's a time to admire the flower's bloom, and I live for those beautiful moments. But there's a time to inspect and protect the roots (of freedom) lest we all drown in anger. Give people the respect to question you and if they fail to respect your answer, that's where the true work lies.