Some of the following was penned by Lauren Stahl, courtesy of a Facebook connection, on the power of intention.

Intentions help us gain clarity. They are tools for maintaining balance and order, tools to help you connect with the spiritual being within and maintain a sense of peace and clarity amid the external chaos and noise.


Setting an intention or two each morning is a highly beneficial practice. Write this intention down or say it out loud, to yourself and your Higher Power (if you believe in HP). Remember that you just have to hold onto the intention Just for Today; you don't need to make this intention part of your life forever. After setting the Intention, release it from your conscious mind, give it to your unconscious mind to take over, and as the saying goes, Let Go and Let God.  Focus on living in today and how you can be your most vibrant and authentic self.


So, here are 25 intentions you can set for yourself each morning, but of course, set your intuition free and create your own:


1. I will take a moment and look up at Father Sky or feel down in Mother Earth and just say THANK YOU.


2. When I notice my defense mechanisms present, I will be aware and take the next right action.


3. I won’t sweat the small stuff (it’s all small stuff).


4. I will make time for myself, even if it’s just five minutes; I will identify and honor my needs.


5. I will have at least one genuine conversation.


6. I will nourish my physical body.


7. I will truly listen when someone else is talking to me instead of planning what I want to say next.


8. I will disconnect from my electronics 30 minutes before bed.


9. I will tell at least one person in my life that I love them.


10. I will identify and honor my needs.


11. I will read (or listen to an audiobook) for enjoyment and rebooting my energy for at least 30 minutes.


12. I will do some form of physical activity for at least 12-45 minutes (more when possible).


13. Reward coming home:  I will burn sage, light a candle or burn incense when I get home to ground myself.


14. When I notice my mind rethinking about the future, I will simply be aware and bring it back to the present.


15. I recognize that I have flaws, and I will embrace them with love and forgiveness.


16. I will be as thankful as I can for the job I have, even if I don’t like it.


17. I will take actions not to isolate myself.


18. I will practice forgiveness to those I am angry at or feel resentful toward.


19. I will be mindful, especially when I eat, shower, brush my teeth and walk.


20. I will recognize the labels and judgments I have, then will release them.


21. I will honor myself and let go of the need to people-please, even if it makes me uncomfortable.


22. Truth without compassion is cruelty; I will ask for what I want and need with no shame.


23. I will try to be as transparent with others as I can; say what you mean, mean what you say, but don’t say it mean.


24. I will speak peace to my inner critic when it wants to keep me insecure and paralyzed in fear.


25. I will open my heart and mind to learning something new today.