Dueling Epiphanies

Dueling Epiphanies

Dancing as hours of darkness descend,
Washing reputations while shopping at Tiffany’s.
Wallowing in moonlights’ tumultuous mend,
Bring forth Hollywood’s ass as their god decrees.

Scarecrows are scarecrowed, sitting like new amputee,
Bourgeoisie to bourgeoisie.
Brittle sparrows eating seed for free,
My name is 'unknown', yet thou surely knoweth me.

Toe dipping in the water of mystery,
Is it warm or cold, oh, goat with ancient goatee?
The compasses you burned, once spinning like a wind tree,
But wishes against wishes, God listens to ME, no, ME.

Like an Africanized Bee,
You’re such a terribly sensitive pea.
Disagree guarantee referee,
A short step away for a political detainee.

Space is so cold, fill it with whatever you see,
But why live alone between sands like a beach flea?
So look back far as your eye can see,
What see you looking back at you, but genie…

Sympathetic imagination draws ecstasy in esprit,
Between orgasmic epiphanies.
Groaning in anticipation, aching to be free,
The mystery of history and human reality.

G-Zeus, Budd-Ha, MohamMAD-dee
Joseph Smith, Pericles, or just Nietzsche.
Whoever hears, whoever cares, is simply real-el peachy,
I’d sing this poem to you, were my voice not so screechy.

My first rap song, I dunno.
Written April 6th, 2003 ©