The behavior of walking into a garage doesn't make one a car. Going to church doesn't make someone a Christian. Our culture is moving away from INTENT to CONSEQUENCE, and individual freedoms are threatened as a result.

An accident is an accident, not a crime. This dangerous erosion of liberty is so fundamental that I'm wondering how people got tricked in believing this nonsense (beliefs are silly, only behavior matters). Ideas, views, or opinions lead to behavior. Behavior without intent is meaningless.

Like it or not, a mistaken 'belief in consent' means that a person lacked intent. At least with crimes, 'criminal intent' is the legal protection ensuring you won’t be sent to prison for accidental crimes. The act is not culpable unless the mind (intent) is guilty. If you don't KNOW (guilty mind) that you are speeding, it is harder to get a conviction. Do you believe you were speeding? Do you know why you were pulled over?

Belief and knowledge are close cousins at worst. But on a more basic but essential level, when someone does something without intent, it's hard to reward their 'behavior.'

When someone's heart is full of love, and it's so palpable, how could a person not know it? Sensitive people FEEL the energy of good-hearted people or mean people, for that matter.

Have people shut their hearts off completely through cynicism, skepticism, or some other negative state of consciousness arising from abuse or injury? Who knows.