Women Attacked Who Love Each Other

IMO, straight people didn't commit this crime. Criminals did. Humans are complicated, and for all we know, the creeps who did this couldn't come to terms with their own bisexuality (it’s a stretch, I admit).

We don't know the source of their mental or spiritual malady. Maybe they were raped as children, and you know what, I can't tell you how many people I have met who joined dismal organizations (racists) who privately admitted their sexual abuse as children. It in NO WAY excuses their behavior, but it might help explain it.

The suppression of human beauty, whatever form it takes (these women are beautiful...looking BEYOND their current horrible state of grieving the open love through terrible victimization) needs healing and not hatred.

Had I been on that bus, there would have been three people bloodied, because I would have tried to stop this crime. I would not have verbally or physically attacked these perpetrators because feeding the sickness never goes very far. Throwing fire on gasoline is a dangerous remedy. I would have appealed to their conscience, and even if it did nothing at the moment, maybe they would open their hearts and reverse their course before they did something like this again.

I’ll never give up on humanity’s beauty. Hanging up the Blamethrower is part of that progress.