Swiss Cheese Legal Evidence: Convicted Rapist, Officer Daniel Holtzclaw

A YouTube video message from an Oklahoma police officer, Jason (he self-identified as only Jason, an Oklahoma police officer) to the Oklahoma City Fraternal Order of Police about Daniel Holtzclaw was interesting.

Please consider showing support for Daniel Holtzclaw’s legal rights. WHY? Their is some evidence that he might have been railroaded AND because standing up for anyone’s legal rights is to stand up for your own!

When I first reviewed the case Officer Holtzclaw under the lens of Social Media, I was certain Holtzclaw was 100% guilty. At his recorded sentencing, I thought he acted like a whimpering coward. I thought his only remorse was for getting caught and convicted for despicable crimes. I’ve heard cops and victim families say this type of cold-hearted comments about people who cried at sentencing, never considering at the time that it was a possible wrongful conviction.

I was NOT “happy” that Officer Holtzclaw was in great emotional pain at his sentencing, but I also thought he was a hypocritical coward who didn’t mind arresting people and having them sent to prison. I grappled with my personal sense of integrity to which I believe in the intrinsic value of humanity, regardless of mistakes they might have made. However, I am in the practice of always digging into my beliefs and questioning them, no matter what (well, about weighty issues, at least).

To Officer Jason’s comments on YouTube video, I posted the following comment, but have yet to hear a response:

“Did the FOP [Fraternal Order of Police] ever respond to your message? If so, what happened, please? No one should ever have to be afraid of speaking up, whether a cop or a civilian. Body cams protect everybody. In St. Paul, Minnesota, a Police Chief is requiring all of his officers to Cam Up.

Transparency is critical when policing. Likewise, transparency should be vital in allowing Holtzclaw attorney's access to all hearings affecting their client's case (you stated they were excluded from legal Due Processes, as I understood you).

While I've never been fond of secrets, I also see historical evidence for protecting victims from oppression, legal or otherwise. But we're talking criminal jurisprudence here. Transparency, transparency, transparency.

More cops need to speak up about what they do right and do wrong. We are all human and need help (training or even therapy) from time to time. Compassion between humans is waning into the 'Us & Them' mentality. And yes, there's gold in them hills. Pretty pathetic.

Thanks for your transparency.”

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