The Religion of Science

Scientific data is not gospel, but frequently scientists and philosophers treat their data and opinion as gospel truth.  That is, they criticize religionists for believing what they believe while holding their own perspective with selfish relevance (aka reverence).  They hold themselves in such high regard than it's a slap in the face to even brave a discussion with them.  It's uncomfortable to have someone look down their nose at you when having a conversation.


Born Again Atheists (Militant Atheists as opposed to regular Atheists) enjoy the double-standard of maligning religionists with a fervency reserved for fanatics.  Religionists these days rarely talk about the Science Delusion.  Both sides have ego and ego is Edging God Out for different reasons.  Scientists who believe in God are an interesting lot.  God made the science, it might be argued, as well as the scientists. 


I am admittedly rambling here, and it can usually be picked apart by meticulous types, but I think we need to ease up a bit on each other.  That's my real point.  LIVE AND LET LIVE.


One night I awoke with a start, hearing strange noises nearby.  I went to the living room window and was stunned to see a group of AGNOSTIC BIGOTS burning a question mark on my lawn!  OK that never happened, but if we learn to laugh WITH each other, maybe peaceful dialog will have a chance.