Political Landscapes and the Psychology of American Debate

Wouldn't it be interesting to be a little birdie overhearing private meetings where 'the powers that be in the media' decide which candidates will be heard in televised debates?  There is probably an unspoken agreement that only Democrats and Republicans will be considered on the national front, and even then, which ones will be heard?  If there are about twenty-five Democratic contenders who threw their hats into the ring, why were less than half of them heard in recent so-called debates?  No wonder so few people vote.  Not voting is voting, but no one hears the real reason as to why this is true. 


There's been a political power disconnect from the people for a long time; voter alienation is a direct consequence of hearing only the voices deemed controllable.  The national fuse-box is overloaded and will eventually flip the fuse breaker, but that's OK.  The electric meter will be turned back on, and taxpayers will pick up the bill whether they like it or not.  No one is sending out questionnaires to 'the people' as to where they want tax dollars to go.  That duck don't quack.   Mock Duck "taxpayer-representation" has been a point of cynicism among the none-voting public for a long time.  Seems like there was a little revolution that happened over this once upon a time.


Voting for the lesser of two evils is an abdication of personal responsibility.  One of the problems with democrassy (I spelled it right) is that it grows mediocrity.  The average opinion has merit only in terms of the freedom of individual voices.  What good are personal freedoms when they don't have a platform?  We might have a free press, but we are not free of the press. 


Mass Media corporations run for enterprise and profit first and foremost. Freedom is like an adjunct professor requiring 'suits with cameras' outside of their classroom to scare people away from the classroom (and protect he or she from extremist predators) all for financial gain. 

Maybe freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose.  Sing it, Janice.