Malcolm X: The Defender of Human Rights

We've all experienced racism, but what do we do about it? Do we become the haters (hating the haters) or do we stay true to our birthright and forgive? Malcolm X traversed the spectrum of racism, but eventually came back home to his own true self. I used to be deeply disturbed, like Malcolm, but reversed my disease of anger by seeing true love in action (in the 12 Step Program). People loved me NO MATTER WHAT, "warts and all!"

In other words, people loved me until I could love myself and that's where the deeper healing began.

You can't get orange juice by squeezing a beet, and you can't squeeze anger, resentments and hate from love. Malcolm experienced Universal Love in action and it reversed his course. He removed his leader from a pedestal and started making decisions based upon his own conscience.

It is truly possible to live in mutual peace without war, but history generally slaps this truth in the face. Just as I am more than my mugshot, we are more than our separations, fears, and troubles. To prevail and turn the page in world history, we have to stop living by the courage of our convictions and start living by the courage to QUESTION our convictions. Let it begin with me. Even if we don't single-handedly change the world, we can change someone's world, even if it's just our own.

Let It Begin With Me.