The Universe has been trying to teach me to grow up and I’m resisting. UGH. Trying to come to terms with it. Two people have been mirroring my dilemma and I’m needing time and space to process the incoming information, but their autopilot keeps kicking out responses via links to other peoples ideas. In other words, a link serves a thousand words and the links keep coming. They don’t take time to make the information personal, so it deems like they are intellectualizing everything. That means they are smarter than me and I can’t keep up. I hope I don’t do this to people sometimes. It’s like I want to just be me and I want others to just be themselves, but when I administer conversation, it becomes diffiCULT to know where one begins and the other ends.

Ego, the first and the last frontier of dualism. Per the old saying that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. If God is All-Powerful and All-Seeing, then what, from what? The Creative Echo is the Dream of God called Humanity. In the "End Days," it is written that EGO will sit on the throne of god believing they are god. heaven is is not a spell-corrector. 

Anything that makes one face ones' deeper self in its entirety can grow as deep as love. 

Love was for me, the fire that burned off everything that I was not born with, or put another way, whatever God didn't Create in the world of 'not-good-enough' died a noble death. 

Frederich Nietzsche thought if it doesn't kill us, it makes us stronger. But what he failed to know until death is that what kills us also makes us stronger (there's no such thing as death). 

I've found synchronicity and convergence to transcend logic, paradoxically not as Higher Logic filtering lower logic (and other spellcheck silliness in the land of verbs and nouns).

Yesterday, the spirit in my chest communed with a robin several times in spiritual conversation. I felt it, and its sense stayed in my field of feeling until I made my way into a drumming ceremony of our heartbeat.

At the end of every poem comes a sense of responsibility, like a keyboard being used to denounce keyboard warriors. That is, 'if' it doesn't sound crazy, 'then' its gravity probably emanates from the world that remains addicted to judgment and excitement.

He finally realizes that he has undergone a profound alteration in his reaction to life; that such a change could hardly have been brought about by himself alone. 

We're in this field together. No one goes home until everyone goes home. Thus, a peace which surpasses all understanding.


1) Every word I know is an echo of what someone else said or did, rearranged creatively. 2) My mom said I was a mistake. 3) Other people's beliefs include the declaration of independence and other automated rituals. 4) Conflicting signs posted by other people's actions lead to car accidents (consequences). 5) Other people's ideas are posts I've read this morning. 6) Self-reliance is illegal. "This is NOT my responsibility" is posted in the shaded part of, "This is NOT my responsibility". But I love you anyway because enumerating ideas is a psychosomatic response from my inner critic. Just because someone kicks us doesn't justify a bandage. It's not about justification. Healing is natural and left alone, it happens. Sorry for my purported sense of humor or irony. Someone posing as me has been commenting on posts lately. When I find him, I'll quit letting everyone know.