Ownership and Amends

Owning land is no more viable than owning air we breath. Can't steal something you can't own, so getting back to that would heal many of our wounds.

Revolutionizing the idea of ownership, and focusing on the concept of RESPONSIBILITY for the land we have our homes on is paramount. Same with businesses and professions of every variety. 

Religious institutions, political organizations, law enforcement agencies, etc. would have to shift their focus. Not "owning" land, animals, trees, etc. will resolve a great many problems. 

I don't own "MY" cat. We coexist. I am responsible for some of its well being in our relationship. 

As for reparations, that's tricky. There's probably not an inch of land in many parts of the world that all races or tribes have not fought or even kill for. Such a tough subject, too complicated for my simple mind. 

On a personal note, before I sobered up, I used to have major anger issues, but it was destroying me. About 30 years ago, I almost went to Ireland to join the IRA or stay here in the U.S. to fight in other toxic organizations, but I had to heal my heart and today thank God and the many loving people I encountered on my Sacred Path, that I had a desire for healing over retribution. 

I don't pretend to know what other people need, partly because I don't view the world, generally, as 'OTHER" people. Sartre said, "Hell is other people." and at first I thought he was making an excuse for not loving people. Then I realized 'other' was the real issue. 'Other' races, religions, political groups, genders, orientations, etc. 

Take what you like and leave the rest. And yes, I know what they say what opinions are like.