Hearts Pulsing Beautiful Waves of Love

In my Morning Meditation, I realized that I have felt love in my heart more times than I remember anger in my heart. That made me want to share some thoughts with you, or just WRITE even if no one reads it.

First, let’s get real. Shhhurrrrrre, I get irritated and sometimes angry, but it is cool to that after a long period of time and committed work on myself, that love tipped the scales in terms of memory. It’s like Smudging my Memories!

Be loving and patient with yourself (that's loving ALL of you) and know that with some shortcomings, it may take years or even decades to prevail. You will prevail at exactly the perfect moment in time and space. IMO, if I asked Creator to remove a defect or shortcoming and the defect remains, then the defect is still serving a Higher Purpose in my life. Maybe it’s remaining only serves to keep me humble. That's called TRUST. A humorous observation and memory just came back to me. A Spiritual Adviser once told me, that if God removed all of my defects of character, I would disappear.

I clearly recall one experience when I felt a powerful defense coming from someone, but I was prompted in my spirit to pulse LOVE out from the center of my chest toward the defense. The defense dissolved into dust and reassembled into a fun-loving gratitude that embraced me with joy and playfulness.

So maybe the next time you pray and meditate, imagine and FEEL the LOVE pouring out in beautiful waves from your heart out into our world. Studies have been done showing reduction in crime and other negative world events when large numbers of people pray in unison. There is a Cumulative Impact when many join together in this Grand Experiment of Love.

And of course, tell at least three people a day that you LOVE them. One way of doing that is to look a Homeless person in the eye and SEE them. Another way is to take time out to just stop everything, pull your vehicle over somewhere, get out and find a beautiful plant (they are all beautiful if you look closely enough, just like with people). Touch the plant or even stroke it like a pet with love, talk to it.

Whenever love leaves your heart, it beautifies your life.