Happy Birthday, Candy Lightner! WE SAVE LIVES!

Candace Lightner, THANKS for using YOUR life to return love to our world as the first priority in Saving Lives! A person couldn't continue such an arduous journey without it destroying them or burning them out if their first priority was not LOVE. It ain't easy, but it's worth it!

Ultimately, if we love someone, we won't hurt them (at least not on purpose). And if we love ourselves, we won't place ourselves in harm's way by driving while impaired (again, at least not on purpose). So it seems that the objective is living and loving consciously, or on purpose.

Part of living an ON PURPOSE life means we no longer say "I didn't mean to" and instead we start saying, "I mean NOT to". If we live a purpose-driven life, then we'll never have to say we're sorry for something as avoidable as impaired driving (distraction is an impairment, too).

If we failed to take action and change our direction until it's too late (after a crash), then all we can do, at best, is as Oprah says, "Make our wounds our wisdom".

By passing it on the Message that impaired driving can destroy lives, we also make our wounds other people's wisdom, too. Thanks for all you do, Candy, so WE can Save Lives!

We LOVE you!