Someone Asked How I Would Feel if I Wished Something Bad on Someone and that "Something" Happened that very Same Day.

My thoughts on this subject. I had this happen in my life and I watched my thoughts from that day forward.

But I also wouldn't make a rule from an exception. If it happened twice, then I would be trippin'. Either way, I would watch my temper internally, because I don't like the 'ugly' feeling I get when I wish shit on others. “We forgive regardless of the temperature of our hearts” is a quote I try to remember when I get steamed up.

I ask my HP (Higher Power) to forgive my shortcomings as I forgive others for theirs. I'm not saying that is a Universal Formula for others. It’s just my approach to life. By living this principle, I am less likely to think poorly of myself and my past mistakes. I remember that we all fall short now and again.

Look, if I can't forgive myself, it makes it hard for me to forgive others, too. So, yeah, I would feel nervous if something bad happened to someone right after I hoped "they got theirs."

Loving people back to health yields great rewards, but I also don't bathe in their cesspool. My friends are not perfect 24/7, but they don’t take their problems out on others, at least not deliberately. I distance myself from people who are not ready to treat me with respect and If I have trouble respecting them, I remove myself as well. I don’t have the right to make others hurt just because I’m hurting.

Forgiveness is stronger than the offense that requires its presence.