Phoenix 490 Future, 501(c)(3), Call for LOGO Artist

Here I am again, plugging for Phoenix 490!

Time to Ramp Up progress with Phoenix 490! I am finding more speakers and am glad to move ahead. Need to either start a 501(c)(3) or some other organization to ‘make it official’.

I believe the message of stopping impaired driving in our society is critical, but the message has to be more Universal to make a difference. If the mere rendition of horror stories were consummate to the task of aborting impaired driving in this country, we would have ended impaired driving 30 years ago. It’s time to do what works and stop futility chasing our tales, mistaking activity for progress. Empowering drivers rather than ‘guilting’ them is key. But forgiveness is also key to almost all ills in our society, because it unifies people peacefully. Who doesn’t need to forgive their “ex” in a divorce, an offender for hurting them, or forgive oneself for hurting someone else, etc? Healing our culture of racism, for example, is possible through forgiveness. For me, my Gang Symbol is the ASL Sign for I Love You. Maybe that could be coupled with the Phoenix 490 Logo?

But I need to focus on just a few items here, and one is going to the Secretary of Sate to get Phoenix 490 operational. If anyone has any ideas on how to form a 501(c)(3), please feel free to weigh in on the topic. I still need art or a LOGO for Phoenix 490.

My being unemployed for so long, I can’t currently afford to pay for an artist to do the work. But I could certainly help market the artist who helps us with a viable Logo. It should have a Phoenix in it and the number 490 in it too.

I am not the world’s best marketer, but God is my Spiritual Adviser and if this is a ship meant to sail, the wind with be provided while we set the proverbial sails.