Phoenix 490 Call for Speakers

Now that I'm starting to heal, albeit 'slowly but surely', I am VERY motivated to get Phoenix 490's show on the road! I'm reaching out to potential speakers.

For those who might not know or recall, Phoenix 490's focus is on forgiveness and healing of relationships, such as victim/offender, police/wounded communities, religion/religion, gay/straight, people going through divorce, etc.).

Would YOU be willing to speak sometime for Phoenix 490 to help us get going?

BTW, Phoenix is an obvious emblem for transmutation & rising from the ashes of tragedy and 490 = 70x7 represents how many times Christ said we are to forgive.

Next week we'll be doing an online ZOOM meeting. If you are willing and able to ZOOM with us, please provide some potential dates for us to meet. Hopefully we'll find a time that will accommodate everyone.