Plants and Humans GROW Toward the Light (On Abuse & Healing)

It's enigmatic to me why some abused people don't become what happened to them and others do. It might seem a hard pill to swallow, but 'In God's Economy, nothing is wasted". The Japanese use gold to repair broken vessels rather than throw the vessels in the trash bin of life.

It occurred to me at some point of my MADD Ministry, probably while contemplative prayer before a speech, that if a plant is placed in a basement with but one small window for sunlight to enter, the plant will grow toward the light, thus perhaps 'bending' its stalk at an extreme angle. Relocating the plant from said basement and placing it in a healthy environment surrounded by plants that 'grew up' in a 'normal' environment will not immediately transform the plant into a healthy looking plant. In time, nature and sunlight will eventually rectify the situation, but typically, the aberrant appearing plant is rejected as weird or strange and is sometimes 'arrested' and relocated back to the basement of life, sometimes doomed to a lifetime of despair over being 'different and damaged'.

Maybe treatment over incarceration would suffice, I don't know, but one thing I believe helps is to stay loving, and to take our power back to love and forgive. In time, most plants heal when surrounded by the sunlight of the spirit.

But in all cases, they are just 'growing toward the light'.