Expect a Miracle

I have been so weak and tired, it's been very hard to gather the energy to Blog, but I'm managing today.  Here's a little something for you:

In early recovery I heard a great many things that help keep me on track, one of them being Expect a Miracle.

Well now...a friend of mine, Tina Feigal just sent me a book titled, 'Expect a Miracle' and I'm excited about digging in!

We should ALL write about the Miracles that have happened in our lives. Some of us should have been dead a long time ago, but I guess Creator had other plans! LOL!

Have you ever meet someone who defied EVERY ODD of survival (like most addicts, really), who have been WALKING ON WATER so long and didn't know it until one fine day they got Clean in Recovery and realized they were the recipient of a Miracle (or bunches of them)? Well, every person whose path we cross is a Miracle when we are looking for Messages.

Who or what is YOUR Messenger today?