A Few Thoughts on Healthy Feminine Culture & Perceptions

Females are so often taught that everything regarding self-worth is aesthetic or visual, outside-in appearance stuff. Perfect skin, magnificent hair, brilliant teeth, painted alluring eyes, and the list goes on. Commercials inundate females to look pretty, glamorous, thin, etc. and rarely characterizes integrity without physical beauty.

Yes, we are moving in the right direction, but we can absolutely do better. When I look at a fellow human beings' eyes, I look for heart & soul and prevent myself from thinking down below.

I know this goes beyond the scope of the point of simple dress code standards in our culture, perhaps, but even natural hair is to be removed from a females legs and armpits?  REALLY?  WTH! What's the point of celebrating prepubescence in adult females?

If we could dump all of the artificial BLAME MENTALITY BS from the way we view each other, our lives will be so less complicated.

But of course, correcting the course of culture to support a healthy feminine mystic based on reality will cause the commercial industry to suffer economic loss.

Me, I am good whether a woman wears makeup or not, shaves armpits/legs or not, goes to the beauty salons and comes out feeling like a million bucks from a great session with a stylist. That's all well and good, as long as it doesn't limit or define the person as less than what they indeed are, which is GOOD ENOUGH with or without botox, breast implants, or cosmetic surgery.