Not Giving Up

I can't give up on my goal of speaking and writing.  It's what my life has boiled down to.  Don't quit before the miracle happens.  Health stuff has been my primary TEMPORARY obstacle.  It is going to affect all areas of my employment, whatever that looks like.  That being said, I'm looking for something that aligns with my speaking/writing goals.  If by August things are not significantly better financially, then I will consider other things.  Hazelden could be a Turning Point in July.  I'm currently studying a course with my girlfriend on marketing my business and still attending Toastmasters.  I'll be competing in speech contests over the next couple of months which could also open speaking doors.  I'm working on an essay for The Great American Think Off and if my essay is chosen, I'll be competing with other speakers to win the title for the competition.  Sometimes, CSPAN shows up to follow their contest.


Anyway, I'm working on a speech right now for next Monday, and will start a new Vision Board today.  My girlfriend and I will be hosting a Vision Board Workshop and I'll just be her Aide.


I'm not giving up, although being in pain is surely a distraction.  Prayer and diet, meditation, and attitude.  :-)