Beautiful Mystery Beyond Space & Time

An uncounted number of synchronicities has crossed my awareness the last couple of days, which lead me to meditate a titch on what slavery is and what it might mean. It seems that slavery is either tethered to Immersion or it's tethered to Exclusion. With Exclusion, the slave stays connected or 'Synchronized' to the thing resisted. To coin a well-known phrase, 'What we resist, persists.' One either backs away from or pushes away the thing targeted for Exclusion.


With Immersion, (my preferred obsessive mode for learning any given subject well), one delves into a discipline or endeavor and treats it like a religion, a college education, a political party, or maybe even a relationship. With Immersion, one trains their mind to 'notice' or 'create' things aligned or agreeing with their 'system' of Immersion. That is to say, it's like piling ideas higher and deeper (Ph.D.) and aligning one's life thesis within the confines of the Chosen One's Graduate Thesis.


Scientific "fact" never changes, said a scientist recently. He said belief and biology must be observable and repeatable in context of science. Is science his religion?


The paradox that said scientist might (and I say MIGHT because to be certain makes me a slave to my mastery and a Great Teacher said, "Call no man "Master") encounter is how the dream disappears when one awakens. But Eternal Progress (progress, not perfection) floats between two mirrors facing each other. If we want to change the dream, we move in-between. NOW we exist like Ether solidified, but only when we stop learning or moving. If we want to change the past or the future, MOVE. But mirrors are your free servants.


Truth and Falsehood both seem to teeter on the same fulcrum called Paradox. Eating from the Tree of the Knowledge of Duality is a trick, a trap, an ambush. Distract the snake until he eats himself. Then the Tree of Life will be a Beautiful Mystery. I LOVE Mystery.