Rendering the Paradox Peacefully and the Objection of the Wounded Ego

For a great many years, I’ve been listening to well-intentioned people whom I admire respect immensely, people with integrity, prattle on from their wounded ego about the virtue of action being more important than words. Ironically it is with words that the objection is tendered.

“Action speaks louder than words” is a supposition of the Wounded Ego that is unconsciously fed its own solution which is also existing only by the problem it creates to solve. “It’s an action program” is also an example of this lapse in trust epitomized on the ‘Throne of Reason.’ It’s a trick, it’s a trap, it’s an ambush in logic. At best it’s a paradox presented as truth.

Truth without Paradox is Dead. ‘Faith without works is dead’ is what the Bible says, which to me is like saying following the divine feminine (Intuition) without balancing it with the Divine Masculine (Action), is dead. It is an aberration of the Dark Masculine to immerse oneself in the idea that action speaks louder than words. An aberration of the Dark Feminine is that intuition or intention is everything. That we intuitively know things that used to baffle us signifies a surrender and a willingness for open-mindedness.

A Balance of Polarity renders any paradox peaceful. ‘Acceptance is the answer to all my (so-called) problems today.’ The interesting thing about a solution is that it needs a problem to solve. Honesty would do well to bear in mind that 'truth without compassion is cruelty'. Open-mindedness does not mean that someone believes or disbelieves anything. It may just mean a willingness to consider new ideas and suspending one’s judgment perhaps to consider the thing we once thought impossible. Friedrich Nietzsche talked much about THE Will to Power. But he also 'believed' that God was dead and in tandem erroneously believed that anything which doesn’t kill him makes him stronger, not realizing that anything that kills them also makes him stronger. He was experiencing contempt before investigation, but to his credit, he was always willing to investigate feelings. Credit where credit is due.

Today was MY DAY to Prattle!