Speech Tonight at Northern Lights Church, Anoka County MADD

Tonight, Marcia's husband said I am a 'helluva good speaker'.  It's the first time he's heard me speak, despite his setting up Panels with Marcia that I've spoken on.  It's a good feeling to hear a victim speak well of my contributions through speaking.  

I also met a young man who heard me speak "a couple of days ago" for MADD.  He gave me his email and I could tell he was motivated to raise his awareness.

A "Friend of Lois" brought her son to the Panel.  She looked familiar while I was speaking, so I think I've seen her somewhere.  She nodded and raised her hand when I asked if anyone in the audience was familiar with Synchronicity.  She introduced herself aFTER THE pANEL AND I MET HER SON WHO RESOLUTELY SHOOK MY HAND, LOOKED ME IN THE EYE, AND SAID HE WAS TRULY MOVED BY THE PRESENTATION, THAT IT Really helped him.

I sold a book to a totally receptive audinece meber, too.