Looking for Solutions that Need Problems to Solve

Funny, last night in a group, when asked I had had any difficulties I cared to share, I couldn't think of anything to report in my life that I hadn't turned over. It was like nothing in my life could be "wrong", that I couldn't be off of my Sacred Path, no matter what. While I am aware I screw up daily, think something stupid or whatever, I also forgive myself and others to the best of my ability and let go of the rest.

Anyway, last night, someone thought I was being arrogant or narcissistic when I shared a happiness report. It reminded me of the day I finally loved myself after looking in the mirror daily (for 8 years!), saying, "Timothy, I love you!" and I MEANT IT! EIGHT YEARS OF HARD WORK! After I shared my happiness and how it happened ("Mirror Therapy"), someone asked me, sarcastically, "What!? Are you gonna KISS YOURSELF, TOO?!" To her credit, two years later, she apologized for that comment. But I was not offended when she said it.

You know that "Happy Place" you get when nothing is wrong with the world, the place where no one can steal your joy because you're just too friggin' overjoyed? Well, that's where I was. I didn't feel hurt or offended, and I knew she just didn't understand.

Sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly, it will always materialize if one works for it.  Last night I didn't feel overjoyed, but I couldn't think anything could be wrong with my life, either.  Maybe I'll think differently tomorrow, but today, sufficient is that number of problems I don't multiply by looking for solutions that require a problem to solve.