“You must be like me; you must suffer in rhythm.” ― Jean-Paul Sartre, Nausea

Quit calling me a White Man, please. In fact, no need to call me a man at all. Don't call me straight of gay, left wing or right wing, Christian or Muslim, American or One Worlder, etc.

God only sees the Heart of an Atheist or anyone else for that matter and doesn't send that person to hell because they don't subscribe to a belief in God. God, if there is a God, doesn't need the human mind to defend God or promote God. If there is a God, it's God's Job to reveal God. Everything else is just human separation.  Can you do a better job with God than God?  Maybe YOU should sit on the throne in the end days to prove it, eh?

So, forget the men's groups/women's group Gender Centrists, lawyers' AA, Pilot's AA, Judges' AA, or whatever group of victims 'special interest' Glass House groups that are hiding their superiority complex with self-justification.

If you want to end racism, stop talking about it! Stop talking about the problem/solution matrix, because every solution needs a problem to be solved. Solutions keep the issue alive and well; it keeps it fed. Solutions are the 'bread n' butter' of the lobbying industry. Activist needs more money to perpetuate more activism and becomes an endless cycle. Churches or any organization that exists to "fight" something, risks “being joined at the hip” against the thing with which they struggle.

Antiracists place more emphasis on racism than it can do for itself. The Big Book reads, "...and we quit fighting everything and everybody...", which I find as the most powerfully profound words in the book.

Script(ure) reads, "In the household of Christ, there is no male or female, Jew or Gentile, Slave or Master..." It is also written, "Call no man Master."

In the beginning was the Word and if we stay focused, we are but an echo or mirror of that Word. 'The beginning and the end' all rest in the Word. What we do for ourselves (ME) is transitory, but what we do for others (WE) is eternal, but only as long as "others" means EVERYBODY.

It would be easy to stop talking now, but for those few people still having the tenacity or courage to read this far, I'll continue.  I’m writing in a vacuum now, most likely, which might save me from judgment.

To the so-called 'black' individuals who threw gasoline on a so-called white man, and then laughed as the human being ran screaming in agony, this is NOT an excuse for me to become racist.  To the so-called "white" individuals who lynched so-called black people, and the so-called 'Black on white crime statistics and rape' is NOT a reason to become racist or sexist (the KKK and Nazi's use these stats to anger people into their pool of hatred). 

When an inmate kills a guard or vice-versa, it is not justification to hate guards or inmates (and I know of it going both ways, having been in prison).  Crips kill Bloods and vice-versa; Jews killing Muslims and vice-versa; Christians killing Muslims and vice-versa; Catholics killing Freemasons in Ireland and vice-versa.  Extreme right or left wingers killing one another (and anyone who gets in the way), and the war goes on ad nauseam.

Whether we hate someone who doesn't look like or believe like us or hate someone who 'cuts us off in traffic' or butts in line or doesn't respect us, it's all just bullshit ego games to hate.  Hatred in the human heart, whatever we hate, is just plain ugly.  Hate doesn't discriminate. 

Love One Another, for God, is Love.  LOVE is my religion, and it is not inclusive nor exclusive.  Rather, it is a Union of Polarities. 

Live and let live, even though the truth might set you free, but it also might piss you off first.

Just call me Timothy or just smile when you see or feel me, end of story.