Between the Dark & the Light

Excavating the Shadow Side of our existence with the Light Side of ourselves is paradoxically relevant because, without light, there can be no shadows. The Ray of Darkness surrendered, like waves under a new moon, cast sound like an echo in the noonday sun. Until we finally understand the part of us that attacks the 'other' part of ourselves, we will never love the entirety of ourselves.

We talk about unconditional love for others but do we forgive ourselves through empowering others? If you wanna keep it, you gotta give it away. Fundraising for Billionaires is what we do for those people too impersonal to understand. Spending OUR time on their corporate ventures invalidates our lives UNLESS we aim toward empowering the dance between life and death, the light and the dark, the sun and the moon, etc. Do your work, be thankful for EVERYTHING and DANCE! Who dances without music?

Mystical transmission in sound is why it's so important to take music baths. Loving pets that purr or bark happiness is a music, too.

Take refuge in the dance of your creation.