Strange Satirical Songs, but Deadly Serious

So I get on Facebook and right away see a friend whose dad is beating the odds with cancer again.  Another friend who lost someone to cancer was the next in line on the Feed.  Next post in the feed was a friend who said either he's gonna get better or die.  Ironic Arrangement is a Bouquet Called Life & Death.

It's amazing to me how we all uniquely respond to life & death and all the in-betweens. 

Why was I healed through prayer while others were not healed, despite fervent prayer? 

Why have others driven under the influence and never killed anyone, but I did? 

I found it strangely satirical hearing people say in meetings or after MADD talks, "I'm glad I never killed anybody," never thinking twice about why 'some do, and some don't' and how we are never different from one another, regardless of what we have done or not done.  Our actions were or are the same, and in fact, we are the same, but the outcomes are different. 

WAAC is a realistic website addressing the paradigm of freedom and guilt uncaught.  One person 'gets away with it' (driving under the influence) and become a judge, legislator, cop, or Governor.  I've talked to County Attorneys while privately admit alcoholism has impacted their lives (yes, plural), but they did what they had to do and recovered.  BUT FOR THE GRACE OF GOD, THERE GO I.  You know, that sort of thing.  

August 15, 1977, after killing Little Timmy, I was in jail. The men in the cells next to mine were all screaming the words, “BABBY KILLER” at me.  But they were so drunk that they could barely pronounce “baby killer.”  The only difference, perhaps between them and me, is that they didn’t have to make an alcohol-impaired decision while they were driving their vehicles when a mother pushing a stroller across the street was in front of their car.  Who knows why anything?  I'm not sure if WHY is even relevant until our heart and mind become reverent to life on life’s terms.

They say in prison that you find out who your friends are after you get in trouble.  People’s lives go on, and you are buried alive in the Tomb of Isolation, awaiting your turn at the resurrection.  Being alone is traumatic for people, but it's also the norm that they themselves have set up and enabled.  Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.  But there seems to be a Cumulative Breakthrough Effect which I will symbolically call, “BCE,” Before the Common Era when we go from ME to WE and choose to climb into the pit with love, that pure consciousness where Miracles are Born. 

Song Time:  “And this is for the questions that don't have an answer, and all my heroes at the methadone clinics, I said it's all good, and it's all in fun, now get in the pit and try to love someone” ~ Kid Rock sang these lyrics in, “Bawitdaba”, but it was Written by Jason Edward Krause, David James N Parker, Robert J. N Ritchie, Sylvia N Robinson, Matthew L. N Shafer • Copyright © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.

I was at a funeral yesterday.  They played the same song as I heard at the last funeral I attended, titled, “I Can Only Imagine.”  I wanted to sing to it in the second funeral but didn’t want to be the only one singing, feeling it would be deemed disrespectful and draw negative, judgmental attention to myself when in reality, I SHOULD ALWAYS SING THE SONG THAT’S INSIDE OF ME.  I don’t have to ‘belt it out.'  I can practice temperament or power under control and sing quietly; worst case scenario, I can sing silently, “Like a Prayer” (Madonna).

Oh, the other way of knowing who your friends are, is…do they listen?  Do they get quiet when you ask for help or offer help?  Listen to life, because it loves you even when it doesn’t go your way.  I love you.  Pass it on.