Trusting Oneself is a Form of Narcissism

There's nothing new under the sun or the moon. Intellectual property is a symptom of twisted expectation, akin to the idea of owning land, animals, or a partner being "mine", or a race being "my race".

Ownership separates us. Funny how that works. If we spend as much time on the page of 'others' to help them and less time on our own page to help ourselves, that would be a good start. Are we on the same page?

But what happens when helping ourselves IS helping others? Does anyone support that idea, or even notice it?

Victim Mentality Issues is like trust issues. There is ONE who has ALL Power. I don't have to trust humans or even trust myself. Trusting myself is a form of Narcissism. How's this for an example of selfishness?  "You need to EARN my trust!" It is slightly less problematic to say, "You need to earn my DISTRUST".

Trusting others is giving away the resolve I've given to my Higher Power and giving it to others. If annoyed, I took my eyes off of the prize and the same applies to a lifelong habit of sadness.

Creating a New Default comes from surrender, RECOVERING what we already are and always have been. We stand between two mirrors, one being the future, the other, the past. To change the past and future, MOVE or SHIFT your position.

Adjusting one's position changes everything beyond the paradox of time and space. That's why we can pray for the past because the One with all power doesn't find time and space "an issue".