Know It All

Selective reasoning is the cancer of all human history and excuses 'excuses' in both high and low places.  Listening is an underutilized art that chisels no fat from the carcass of truth, but rather traces death back to life, and calls it 'Resurrection.'  

It's easy, to be honest, and wrong, or dishonest and right.  It's easy to get away with the misplacement of commas in one's own listening 'skills' and throw-away one's freedom to the plains of hesitation to die a taxpayers death upon the fields of peace, falling one's personal sword of truth.  

I AM neither a tax-collector nor a truth-collector.  It is not until the attachment to truth dies a hideous death that we win our freedom over life.  In other words and more familiar terms we've all experienced, 'everything I ever let go of had claw marks all over it,' like the inside of a coffin when the oxygen is thinning.  

The shell holding the truth passes away and the spirit of what we've been lead by from the moment of our birth forward becomes visible.  We 'see the light' and awaken, and sometimes, have the misfortune to return to this world and feel the entirety of our pain while being 100% that it all means something more than anything we've had installed in our minds with previously.  Earth School is a often painfully beautiful classroom.

Take what you like and leave the rest.