God "Grant" Me the Serenity and Humility (whatever that is) and a Little Laughter

This general idea helps me. I'm not of the opinion God is a He or Father, but I allow 'each to their own' and Live & Let Live to prevail. Rather, the general idea of 'serenity' as a gift of humility which is granted, I find useful. That's why IMO we ASK for it in the Serenity Prayer. Serenity comes from not my opinion of others, their opinion of me, or even my opinion of myself. 

I realized somewhere along the line that the only time I am unhappy is when God or someone else ain't doin' it MY way. That convenient truth allows me to laugh! The gift of laughter keeps many of us who are 'in the trenches' with bombs of life dropping everywhere, to rise above it all.