The Balancing Element of Honesty, Like a Diamond, is Multifaceted

Suspending judgment is a skill few seem to have acquired, the acquisition of which limits the suspension and therefore the conclusions emanating from it. BUT IT'S THE TRUTH! LOL!

Once upon a time, when I was in my early 20's, I accidentally(?) had a genius befriend me. I remember being 100% certain of a thing I knew as The Truth, then to my utter dismay, I was blessed by the Universe, through this person, to have irrefutable proof that I was actually 100% wrong. The very next day, the exact same lesson presented itself about another truth that I 100% knew to be true. The difference between day one and two was what I did because of the experience.

To date, even when I am 100% certain of a thing and to coin the lyrics of a song, "the only thing I know is I don't know a thing".

There's no such thing as knowledge; there's only perception. At least it's just my perspective or opinion. The balancing element to honesty is open mindedness and a willingness to listen. People who know something don't listen. Knowledge kills faith and belief.

Anything more or less than keeping it simple tends toward karmic entanglement (if such a thing exists).  Loving others as I love myself removes the "others" and we are One.

Life is a mystery.  As Emily Dickinson said, "I dwell in possibility."  Truth without a passion for paradox is dead.