Proper Amends: Matching Actions & Words

Some people are too arrogant to say, "I'm sorry" out loud, in front of people.

In 1980 or 81, a man I knew (RIP) lead by example. One fine day in Super Max, he reamed a Lieutenant for a couple of minutes, in front of witnesses, maybe 50 people or more. He called him out on his bad behavior and made no bones about the exact nature of his wrongs. The Lieutenant listened without arguing, then walked away when the man had his say.

To the man's credit, when he found out it was NOT the Lieutenant who committed the infraction, he took action. He apologized OUT LOUD, IN FRONT OF THE PEOPLE who he accused him before.

He said, "I owe you amends and the only way to begin to make this right is to apologize to you in front of the people I hurt you in front of." This was the only time in years that I saw tears well up in the Lieutenant's eyes.

So, sometimes words are powerful actions. Some people need to hear the words, "I love you", while others need to see it. Some refuse to speak the Love Language of others because they selfishly think their way is the ONLY way.

The world is built or destroyed with words.  Words followed up with action, balanced language, and human experience yields to inclusivity.