Key to Riches: Dig for Gold or Sell Picks & Shovels? Willingness to Go to Any Lengths to Recover

The only constant I've noticed with those who recover is a willingness to go to any lengths. It's not, IMO, about what OTHERS believe or don't believe. That's just an excuse to continue a life based upon resentments and blame, finger-pointing, saying, "I can't get sober because of you!" AKA, Whiners Anonymous. I Chartered W.A. myself, BTW, so I ain't judg'n, I'm just sayin'.

Never take yourself too seriously. I am in charge of what I say' others are in charge of what they hear. The same applies to sight, taste, feeling, philosophy, religion, Agnosticism, etc.

Surrendered Hearing might be the ultimate form of responsibility and the key to being at peace with everyone and everything.

"Boredom comes from a boring mind" is what the lead singer of Metallica pointed out. The first cousin to this idea is something I heard at Gopher State Roundup from a Friend of Lois W.  She said that the only time she was unhappy was when God or someone else wasn't doing things HER way.

Yeah, if we are thinking about what we don't want or don't like, we get MORE of it. People have to burn it into their consciousness, if necessary, that they can get well regardless of anything or anyone (that or let their lives crash and burn). One hits their bottom when they quit digging. 

If you don't like something I say or do, take it up with God.  God is the reason I am still alive and attending Earth School both as the Eternal Student and the Occasional Teacher.  Either way, "Relax".  I ain't your problem or solution.  It's none of my business what others think of me, and to avoid hypocrisy, I admit it is none of my business what I think of myself, either.

There is a peace that surpasses all comprehension.  May you find it now and quit thinking.