Surviving Incredible Odds Makes Up Beautiful Beyond Description

As a young person, I used to run toward a train when it was coming toward the bridge. I would time it as closely as I could, but sometimes miscalculated the speed of the train.  A couple of times I didn't beat it, so had to cling to the large wooden tresses which bounced vigorously (no easy task holding on) as the train passed above me.

Anyway, I look back on that and think a part of me had a Death Wish. I constantly felt alone and hurt.  I only felt alive when I did things that were crazy. Glad I healed from that, but admit it took a long time.

Glad you are here, my friends, to care about people like me. Never give up, right? The world needs your (our) love. Others struggling need those of us who prevailed against those hard patches.  I believe those of us who make it through tough times become beautiful beyond description.

You've probably heard that the definition of a friend as someone who learns your song, so when you forget it, they can sing it back to you.