Sacred Task: Tell Three People a Day that you LOVE Them

At the end of most speeches, I give a Sacred Task (ST) to listeners.  The ST is “To tell at least three people a day that you love them.”  I ask that they journal or otherwise record their start date, then at the end of the year, examine how their lives have changed as a result of the ST.  In speeches, I always tell the audience that I love them, in the hopes they will “Pass It On”.  You know what?  There are some people on Planet Earth School who rarely hear anyone say the simple words, “I love you.” 

Sometimes the people with the biggest smiles on their faces are the ones who are on death’s door, ready to give up, who need to hear it.  You just never know when a simple smile, a gesture of kindness, or the words “I love you” might save a life.  At the end of the day, it might be your own life you save, because when you feel like shit, maybe one of the people you said “I love you” to, will show up to say the same thing to you, exactly when you need to hear it.

Even when people are doing great, it is refreshing to know someone cares enough to actually open their mouth with kindness, or open their arms for a Surrender Hug.  As Shakespeare pointed out, there are SO MANY WAYS to say, "I love you".  Let's do more than just "count the ways".  Live out loud.

We are all in this deal we call life together.  LOA:  Love One Another.