Good Cop, Bad Cop

I wish I had been videoing the day I remember being on Franklin Avenue near Cedar when an off-duty cop stopped on the side of the road, got out of his car in uniform, and approached a Native American who had his backpack and contents spread out on the grass. It was evident he had been drinking, but to my knowledge, he was not bothering anyone. When the guy saw the cop coming his way, he started jamming things back in his backpack, anticipating trouble. Like him, I too assumed the cop was going to give the guy shit, but actually, the cop looked calm with no authority in his step (such things are hard to describe, but you can just tell). 

Anyway, I noticed the cop had something in his hand, which turned out to be a sandwich wrapped in cellophane. He gave the guy the sandwich. 

They looked at each other for a couple of seconds, like a sacred connection took place. I saw the guy relax, look at the sandwich and back at the cop.  His lips looked like he said, "Thank you."  I cop gave him a gentle smile, turned around and walked back to his car. 

It was a moment I'll always treasure in my memory.