Why Chess?

The 'game' of chess has taught me lots about life. I encourage every child to learn this marvelous game. While there are a lot of people who play a better game than me, by the rating I had (I was B-Class, bordered A-Class) I am more accomplished than 98% of players. But what's more important, I connect the dots between the game and evolving to a more peaceful, patient lifestyle.

But some people are competitive and waste the opportunity to translate experience from a place of unified love. I am an intuitive player, not a logical one. When I lose a game, I am grateful, for losing teaches chess and winning maintains only what we already know. But when I lost because I don't care about winning, due to compassion for the other players' feeling, I wasted an opportunity there, too.

Learning to play with grace is an inside job, and it has nothing to do with winning or losing. Who am I to rip someone off of this opportunity to grow beyond losing (or winning)?

My boxing trainer said I will never be a good boxer because I don't have the "Killer Instinct," and the same applied to chess. He was a good chess teacher, too. Eventually, I beat him in chess more than he beat me. He didn't understand the real love of this beautiful, silent language called CHESS.

I would enjoy teaching young people to play chess and might start classes somewhere or maybe instruct one-on-one professionally. I think that would be fulfilling. Maybe someday.