More Dark Night Musings

During the Dark Night of the Soul, I had breakthrough after breakthrough after breakthrough until I realized "it's just another breakthrough and who knows when this will all end". It's a process of mysterious dimensions through which knowledge has no impact or value.

Once we have 'EVERYTHING (we know)' burned off of our existence (a painful reality to feel illusions of love seared from one's spirit nerves), then and only then do we have a chance to release from the Chrysalis organically.

This is a condensed version of what it's like to birth the death of this world and live in the reality of Love. Rumi understood this when he offered to meet you in that Sacred Space beyond duality. Jesus raised from the dead to release the damned from hell (CS Lewis said the gates of hell are only opened from the inside, so Jesus went there and opened the gate). Buddha exited the comfort of his castle and worldly wealth to find himself and found the Flower of Life to which Jesus alluded when he said Solomon in all his glory didn't compare to the simple grandeur of The Lily of the Valley. That is, Buddha, is attributed to saying (falsely, I might add) that 'if a person were to see a single flower clearly, it would change their life.'

In some circles, they say, "KISS," Keep It Simple Stupid. I always considered the "Stupid" part as condescending and irrelevant, so my ego changed it to "Silly" or whatever popped into my head that started with an "S". It takes ego to know ego. The truth seems to be that God talks to us all differently, hoping we'll tell each other.

Beating people with the truth is cruelty, which proves there was/is/will be no truth in force. Forcing solutions can only break the breaker, and out of this wreckage of 'this truth' grows whom we have always been, which is good enough. Therefore, every mistake is useful.

When I died in prison and came back of my own free will, something had shifted in the spiritual life as I experienced it. Things of this world mattered little. But deeper growth and pain was still to be experienced years later, bringing me to a deeper understanding of who we are. In Lakesh.