Continue...ummmmmm? Egopocrisy: I'm Spiritual, Not Anti-religious.

The evolution of words and the wordlessness that create them are not 'at ease, soldier' nor in conflict. The phrase Screw Guilt fell out of favor and the new guilt is Shame. Definitions shift. People get divorced. The party of Lincoln used to be liberal and is now conservative.

The Patriarchy evolved from Matriarchy and vice-versa. Dualism is a not so fun little game that the masculine imposes on the feminine. Outside-in (masculine) rules and inside-out (feminine) rules. There is no outside or inside of God for God is eternal, as is everything Created. Love is therefore without beginning or end, unconditional, as well (God never changes and God is Love).

Change is an illusion and Satan can only point from a thing that does not exist to a thing that does not exist: Dualism. Ritual serves a purpose, yes, but it's still perception as to which way the circle rotates in its scientific or religious (rigid) course of, "This is how we have always done it" Ancient Origins stuff, is spiritual. If after all of our thinking is done, if we have not arrived at paradox, we've not arrived at the balance of truth.

We are the Placebo and the inner observer sees paradoxically from both in/out at the same time. I should probably work harder to explain this, but since impatience is the religion of the American Psyche, why bother? I, too, am cool with not knowing. It's easier than knowing and living in the questions is fun and free. Answers are containers that murder questions before they get out of the box, kind of like mass media keeping the hoards under control of the illusion. But nothing is wasted, so it's all nothing.

There is a field in between rightdoing and wrongdoing, said Rumi. We can't meet where we already are until the head gets smacked and SATORI!

Militant Atheists need a God to not believe in and Religionists needs a Satan to protect Adherents from.  I only hope to confront the false appearance of virtue or goodness, while concealing real character or inclinations in the phrase, "I'm spiritual, not religious" (btw, I've said it, but now see it as folly). Everyday hypocrisy or maybe better stated, Egopocrisy. I'm OK with both words (spiritual/religious=same thing).

Words mean nothing. Who pays any attention to the syntax of things will never wholly love you. I would rather live a poem than write one, but when they merge, it's beyond words. Living the poem is writing it upon the tablet of one's heart. Separation Consciousness is the hell of creationism. Unity is heaven. One person's hell is another's heaven. Higher Power is a Flying Cloud swirling beneath my feet.