"One Thing We Can All Agree On" Blog Radio Interview


I have not listened to this interview yet from "The One Thing We Can Agree On" yet, by Interviewer Anne Carlson, and am nervous to do so. We covered a lot of ground and discussed some events I've never revealed in an interview before.

While I don't personally feel like I was broken by the system (that which does not kill us makes us stronger), living through it was certainly a heartbreaking experience.

To see what humans are capable of doing astounded me in prison, and I remember frequently wondering why God allowed me to learn about the darker traits of humanity, especially of those running the system. I sensed there was some deeper reason for my discoveries. I knew inmates were sick and expected it, but I never guessed the staff was as sick if not sicker than prisoners. In my limited mind, law enforcement and correctional staff were 'supposed to know better.' At the end of the day, we are all just human.  We all need love and compassion to transcend our pain. A lack of forgiveness does nothing but keep us stuck in selfish rage or self-pity.

There's some good in the worst of us and some ‘bad in the best’ of us; paradoxically, many of us "settle" for good. But, the good is often the enemy of the best, the lesser of two evils. Chew on that truth for a while.

Today, I realize that 'in God's Economy, nothing is wasted.' I feel like the Universe surrounded me with protection in those darkest hours.  I was never truly alone, even though I sometimes felt like I was. Now I use these stories to generate forgiveness and bring deeper love to our world. Together we can heal this mess we've created, and it's imperative we get busy in the business of love before it's too late. No excuses..."LOVE ONE ANOTHER".  Remember, the road to hell is paved with Principled Apathy.