Problems Fed by Solutions & the Mistaken Identity

There's no such thing as reality, there's only perception. Einstein believed the mind that created the problem could not free itself. but I believe that in the Surrendered life, if God allows it, then it serves a Higher Purpose. If I pray, for example, for God to remove my defects of character, but they remain, then the defects serve a Higher Purpose.  What I call a defect is, therefore, a mistaken identity.  

Sartre being a lover of paradox, said we are condemned to freedom. The irony of the non-paradoxical Problem/Solution matrix is that a solution requires the presence of a problem to solve. It's akin to forgiveness needing the presence of an offense to forgive. Corrie Ten Boom said we should forgive regardless of the temperature of our hearts.

The Dark Night of the Soul free one of the idea that idea matters. In the controlling mind, I'm in charge of what I say, you're in charge of what you hear; to the Surrendered heart and mind, it's all the same (an echo of divinity both in sender/receiver).

Dark Night Storm:  The cool thing is that after our lives blown up into little convoluted, chaotic pieces, all swirling in the tornado of deconstruction, when the storm passes and the pieces of US all descend in perfect, divine order, we come to believe that Beautiful Mystery can be trusted. Trust rises above the Age of Reason of the Problem/Solution dance.

The convenient thing about Dualistic Thinking is if it continues long enough, it eventually brings one from the bridge of reason to the shore of faith and trust. Perceived truth might set us free, but it also might piss us off first.  Freed Perception arises like the Phoenix.  How many times should we forgive others for their transgressions?  Seven times?  No, 7 X 70, Christ said.  But if we forgive ourselves both before and after the imagined offense, we return to the Garden of Eden and the snake of ego leaves the Vine.  There's more truth in a question than in an answer.