Don't Judge a Book by its Cover

When I was speaking for MADD on Saturday, a group of Veteran Bikers had a shindig at the Crowne Plaza. Someone told me after I spoke that they had "Nazi Paraphernalia" set up on the tables. I was honestly skeptical that a reputable hotel would allow such a thing, so instead of my staying clear from fear or anger based on his statement, I went to see for myself.

Sho'nuf, I carefully inspected each table of displayed items for sale and saw nary a swastika, or anything remotely related to Nazism. These were simply Vet Bikers as far as I could tell. They were respectful in their dialog, and while they looked a bit rough around the edges for the lily-white suburbanite who called them Nazis, these folks actually reminded me of some of us AA folks. Although we AA's don't always present the Norman Rockwell prototype of an American, most of us are pretty committed to making our world a safer place to live in.