DAY JAW VUE or déjà vu


In 2015, my friend Rae Jacob posted this from her book, ACUPUNCTURE FOR YOUR SOUL: ‘Etheric spring cleaning.  IMAGINE having colorful acupuncture treatments travel through all your energy bodies, mental, emotional, spiritual, etc. imagine all no longer wanted or needed obstacles, wounds being vaporized into a puff of cosmic colors! IMAGINE this clearing traveling through your life's personal timeline. Be discerning as this also vaporizes our excuses for not listening to or not following our Soul's True Path! To Quote Dr. Hazel Pacells," is it time to trade in your wishbone for a backbone?" "

FYI, I capped IMAGINE. I know some people poo-poo imagination as a pathway to success or healing, but Einstein said imagination is more important that knowledge. Some people also poo-poo prayer and ironically, some faith-based people poo-poo scientific explanations of why prayer works. The overlapping area between science and religion is a constricted domain, indeed, maybe even strait and narrow, but I see it as the biggest small place in the world. Both religion and science speak the same language at some juncture, some place where synchronicity convergences with observation.

Evidence-based philosophies and perceptions are the wellsprings of lifelessness, for they rely on what was rather than from whence it is; like a co-occurring order or disorder, we see what we are. But let the dead bury the dead and scoop up the nutritious soil their carcasses fed for future generations. Everything we think today will be rightfully poo-pooed by generations to come, but without our erroneous perception, they would not exist. Our dead ideas are the nutritious soil of remembering who we were as part of who we are? 

Fortunately, existence might precede understanding. As Kierkegaard pointed out, it is understood backward but lived forward.  Existence is the Eternal Now, living in all places and at all times, now. Were it not so we would never have Deja Vue, a place where the future and the past meet in the now (now is the past of the future).

My friend, John Littlewolf, wrote a poem he published in “SEND” that in its unique way might address some of these ideas:



"Whisper the reason

for the spring to me,

on the banks of the fatted river.

As you take my precious breath,

whisper to me,

the reason for my death,

drown me in your excess,

and rejoice,

in this wonderful rebirth at my expense."


If anything is right beyond time and space, it will be co-signed and consigned by both Creator and Created.